• A Railway Station in Haydarpaşa 2021
    The 3rd installment of event series by The Istanbul Soundscape Project
    Facebook event page

  • SIIDS - Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium
    Funchal (Portugal) - 4th September, 2020
    My piece “Image Sonification in memoriam Ertuğrul Oğuz Fırat” was presented on exhibition section during the symposium.
    SIIDS exhibition

  • Network Music Festival
    Birmingham (England, UK) - 16 July 2020
    The project with Fulya Ucanok, “The Curtain & Beyond” was performed live
    Artists’ page
    Festival website
    Performance video on YouTube

  • MIAM Current Studies in Music Colloquium 16 June 2020
    Presented a research paper “A Tool for Network Music”
    Poster and abstract

  • Share the Sound Concert 11 June 2020
    Presented my binaural, acousmatic piece “Transfigured Walls”.
    Facebook Live Streaming

  • International Hisarli Ahmet Symposium Postponed to April 2021
    A research paper on interactive image sonification will be presented
    Symposium website

  • The Curtain & Beyond ~ Live Tele-acousmatic Improvisation Concert 18 May 2020
    Fulya Uçanok and Serkan Sevilgen are a duo who is fascinated by microscopic details of sound objects and exploring their intimate and fragile sound worlds through low-level listening.
    Facebook Live Streaming
    Audio recording

  • In Between Electroacoustic Music Festival Thessaloniki, Greece 8-10 May 2020 (Postponed to an unknown date)
    Festival website

  • Presentation in “Space in Art and Design” class at Mimar Sinan University 6 May 2020
    “Spatial Sound and Music” was presented to Prof. Lebriz Rona’s master degree course students
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  • In Memory of Ertugrul Oguz Firat Concert 10 February 2020
    Electroacoustic miniature piece, “Image sonification In Memoriam Ertugrul Oguz Firat” was presented
    Event poster

  • Sonic Tales from the Crypt Concert 26 December 2019
    Multichannel (octophonic), site-specific piece was presented
    Event poster
    Event website
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  • Acousmatic Concert 31 October 2019
    The acousmatic piece, realized in MaxMSP, composed for this concert was presented at MIAM studio.
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  • Take the Aid Train 20 October 2019
    A musique concrete improvisation with Fulya Ucanok during the experimental music event at Bova Jazz Club, Istanbul
    Event poster

  • Soundwalk 8 June 2019
    Led a soundwalk with Fulya Ucanok in Soundinit event.
    Facebook event page

  • Istanbul Soundscape Project Event 25 April 2019
    A soundcape composition “Strng Wnd” was presented
    Event poster