Serkan Sevilgen is an Istanbul-based computer programmer and composer. He studied Music Technology at Audio Design program, Yildiz Technical University, where he developed an interest in computer music. He developed programming skills and worked with Csound for digital audio synthesis and Lisp for algorithmic composition. After graduation, he founded his own software company and pursued a career in this area. He also created field recordings and soundscape compositions and his works published in the World Listening Day compilations.

He co-started Soundinit with the aim of creating a collective sound works and raising awareness for the sonic environment with the electroacoustic composer and pianist Fulya Ucanok. They organize sound walks and perform as a live acousmatic duo which explores microscopic details of sound objects in their recent project “The Curtain & Beyond”. He is a member of the Istanbul Coding Ensemble (ICE) which is the home laptop group of ITU/MIAM. It was founded in 2018 with a focus on improvisation with musical algorithms using ‘just-in-time’ programming techniques and real-time communication with ad-hoc network music systems.

He is currently the Director of Engineering at Temblor, Inc (A Silicon Valley company develops data models for natural hazard risk assessment) and master’s student for Sonic Arts at Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM), Istanbul Technical University and master’s student at Music and Performing Arts, Yildiz Technical University. He is experienced in many programming languages (including music-specific ones like Csound, MaxMSP, and Supercollider), databases, cloud platforms, and Linux operating systems. His interests are computer music, algorithmic composition, sonification, improvisation, network music and spatial audio.




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